Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kitties make everything better

It's only Wednesday, but I'm a bit exhausted.

On Monday, we flew back to Perth from Sydney, and immediately caught a bus straight to my job at the Bell Tower, where I worked an afternoon shift on the busiest day of the year. Then Tuesday and today I've worked all-day shifts to get re-trained. My head is abuzz with all the new things we do and all the old facts I've needed to remember, and my body is a bit achy from being on my feet all day long.

I love LOVE working at the Bell Tower, but I want to find work in at least one of my fields this year. Before I arrived in Perth, I applied for a geology job working with data, which would've been PERFECT for me, and I spent the last 3 weeks being considered for the job. I found out this weekend that they can't hire me because they need someone who can work for a year or more, and my visa is problematic in that regard.

During a shift at the Bell Tower on Monday (when 1500 people came through the building), I met a guy who'd gone to college in Farmington, NM, and he lives here in Perth and works for a mining company. So I told him I was a geology grad, and he started quizzing me on random things, like throwing out a mnemonic for the geologic time scale and asking what a Bowen's cycle was. But since it was near the end of a very busy, very long day, I was flustered and couldn't remember what a Bowen's cycle was (particularly since, after reading about it later, I sort of recall it being mentioned as a rather outdated model of petrology, considering there are so many exceptions to the rule). Then when I told the guy I was looking for jobs, he asked "Do you have your PhD, or just a Masters?"
I said no, I have my Bachelors. He said, "Oh. Well. You know you can't do anything with that. I guess you could try mudlogging for a year up north, and then come back and maybe you'd get a job." And then he just left.

What. A. Jerkface. >:|
The whole conversation (on top of the physical tiredness) has made me feel a bit low the past few days. I've started "networking", and poking at people who might know of jobs, but I'm only at the beginning of that process and I haven't got any leads yet. I just hope I can find something suitable soon; I'm not worried about money, but I really want to start getting some experience that will help steer me in my search for a good Masters project. I feel like a crappy geologist.

So all this was on my mind on the way home today (along with a headache), making feel a little worried and grumpy. But when I arrived home, the next door neighbor's cat meowed at me. I've seen him a few times and meowed at him over the past few weeks, but he's always run away. D reckons it's because Aussies generally dislike cats as they prey on the endangered native little furry creatures. Anyways, this big grey neighbor tomcat meowed at me today, so I meowed back. We began to have an entire meow conversation. So I sat down on the brick outside my front door whilst meowing at him, and he came over for pets! He's a beautiful cat, with fur a bit like a grey-on-dark-grey tiger, big green eyes and a matching green collar with a little bell.

Having a little kitty love pulled me out of my gloomy mood. So, just in case anyone else needs a little love,
for you too. <3

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  1. There are plenty of real jobs you can do with "just" your bachelors. That guy was just a twit.

    And kittie pets are awesome.