Friday, June 7, 2013

For Reals!

I had very very long hair.

Now I have much-shorter-but-still-pretty-damn-long hair!

All my hairs in a bucket. So many hairs!

The past month I've been struggling with my hair more than usual; for some reason, it felt like my hair was getting way more easily tangled and it was such a labor to try to take care of it. But more importantly, I wanted to try to stave off any more migraines.

Wednesday night, after a very full 3 days of work, I got a headache that was halfway to a migraine. Now, I'd like to think that I'm a strong, tough girl, and sometimes I achieve that persona. But not when my head hurts. Oh no no no, when my head hurts, I'm a pathetic, crying, sorry little puddle of pain on the floor. (Whitney, I am continually in awe of your ability to keep functioning! You are nothing less than Superwoman.) Instead of greeting him at the door as I usually do, D came home that night to find me under the bed covers in the dark. I'd given up trying to do anything else after dropping both my half-eaten apple and a jar of pickles on the floor (which, of course, shattered into about 3 bazillion briny pieces). While there were a lot of other factors that contributed to my headache that night, cutting my hair was one of the easiest (and most exciting!) things to fix.

So last night, I met a friend of D's named Celia. Celia is a PhD student from France, and she'd learned how to cut hair because she always hated what the people in the shops did. She offers her services to all the other students on a pay-or-trade-what-you-feel-like deal (naturally, I gave her free tickets to the Bell Tower).

Thus, in Celia's laundry room, I got a fun, free haircut! D is still a little weirded out about it (it was a bit sudden on my part), but he'll get over it, because I LOVE it. :D


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