Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sydney Weekend Trip

Last Thursday, D and I flew to Sydney for a quick trip to see his family (thanks cheap Jetstar flights).

The night before we were scheduled to fly, our Jetstar flight was canceled, so we got put on a Qantas flight instead. The safety page made me giggle for about ten minutes:

The next day we visited D's brother at his uni, to help him glue part of his architecture project together. My OCD brain nearly exploded upon viewing the millions of tiny pieces of cardboard and wood scattered on the table.
This building really needs better ventilation for all the glue fumes it must generate.
 That night we all went out into the city to see a light show using the buildings as backdrops.
This is the Sydney Opera House from across the Quay!

Sydney city all lit up.

On Saturday, D and I cooked New Mexican food for D's family. For lunch, breakfast burritos (potatoes, beef mince, eggs, and cheese) with homemade whole flour tortillas. D is an expert at tortillas now. I was amused that we managed to use entirely ingredients that everyone eats all the time, but make something that D's family had never seen before. D's family was amused by my demonstration/explanation of how to fill and fold a burrito properly.

For dinner, we cooked what I like to call fajitas: stewed/sauteed onions, bell pepper, beans, and meat (in this case, chicken breast) and a little bit of home-roasted green (Thai) chile. Om nom nom. We eat that with homemade corn tortillas and homemade guacamole with onions and tomatoes. D and I have made this several times now, so we're starting to get pretty good at it! Perhaps best of all though, was that we managed to get most of the ingredients at the big veggie markets in the city, including (Thai) black beans, which so far have been impossible to find in Perth. I'm beginning to suspect that Mexican food is secretly Thai food in this hemisphere.

Sunday was very rainy in the morning, so we enjoyed a nice quiet day. In the afternoon, the weather improved, so we all took a long walk by way of a super awesome giant pipe. D and I pestered his brother with endless questions about architecture and city planning, which was highly enlightening. At the end was a neat park filled with kids, several of whom reminded D and his brother of their running-around-barefoot days. We climbed to the top of a little hill with the kids and stomped around the rocks, then slid down gum tree roots as if they were firehouse poles.

Being in Australia is pretty awesome. ^_^

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