Monday, July 18, 2011

Kalbarri part 3 (The Crevice!)

 Exploring around the tide pools eventually brought us THE CREVICE OF AWESOME, aka, Fault Lines + Ocean = Super Cool + Dangerous. A natural fault line in the rockface (ie, in this case a vertical plane of weakness in the rock depositions) had been beaten at by the ocean until it had worn away this little canyon into the cliff. 
The ocean slowly tearing a rip in the rock face.
Big crack in the cliffs.
Sticking my arm out over the edge of the cliff to take pictures of the ocean. A tad dangerous...
More sticking my arm out over the side.... Boy those cliffs are sheer...

As the waves broke at the mouth of this huge crack, the water being thrown into the tiny space made the rocks literally tremble beneath our feet. The sound of crashing waves was tremendous in this little echo-y place, and it was incredible to watch the tide coming in and the water slowlyslowlyslowly rising up the walls and hitting the caves beneath harder and harder.
Big wave coming through!

We actually loved this place so much we came back again the next day from higher up the cliff and managed to come down to the other side of the crack.
Above the top of the crevice!
The fault line continuing up the cliff above the crevice.
The crack disappearing into the depths of the rock face.
Calm ocean seeping into the crevice (with my foot for scale :p)

Miscellaneous awesome rocks!
I spy four orange crabs!
Flood event! :D (with a 20cent piece for scale)
Skolithos burrows!
Especially smexy crossbedding!!!
Seriously, this is better than textbook illustrations *squeeeeee*

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  1. There are 7 crabs in the "I spy" picture. I'm not procrastinating. What would make you think I'm putting off my math homework?