Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kalbarri part 2 (Tidepools and Cepholopods)

Our second day in Kalbarri we checked out the cliffs by the Indian Ocean.
Nature's Bridge from an overlook nearby. More sexy erosion!
Good GOD the ocean is ridiculously blue.

We then wandered down to the beach and explored a bit of the rocks that are currently being attacked by the ocean.
Yet more sexy erosion (sorry guys but I do love my rocks)

AND THEN in one of the tidepools we found THIS GUY:
He was stalking some crabs around the boulder in the tidepool.
and then he started coming over to my side of the pool...
it was like he was posing for me to take pictures!!! :D
One of the crabs our octopus friend was trying to catch, along with his tentacle tracks in the sand.

I was delighted beyond words. <3

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