Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kalbarri part 4 (Hutt River Provence, aka What I Want To Be When I Grow Up)

In the middle of whoop whoop (Australian for “bumfuck nowhere”) Western Australia, there is another country called the Principality of Hutt River.

Allow me to repeat that: another COUNTRY.

Long story short::
A farmer got pissed off at the government, declared secession, declared war, declared a cease fire, then declared that under Geneva Conventions WA couldn’t mess with him then. When WA and Parliament started looking into messing with him again a few years later, the Republic of Hutt River voted to become a principality, which under international law cannot be messed with. Legally, Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley are not citizens of Australia. They pay no taxes, have their own ambassadors, post office, currency and stamps.
People drive hundreds of miles into the nowhere bush to buy his souvenirs, mail postcards and get their passport stamped. Prince Leonard just has to sit in the Government Office, smile, suggest more things for you to buy, and work on his theories of “The Science of Creation and Spiritual” to send to the Vatican. THIS is the kind of crazy old lady I want to be when I grow up. XD

A statue of Prince Leonard (which is about as tall as I am)
The long story.....
..... Continued.
The rest of the long story.
Not a citizen!
The State Car! Complete with flag and crest.
 You'll have to ask me more about it sometime, because there was heaps interesting about the place, but time is a wastin' and I need to keep up with other posts!

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