Saturday, May 7, 2011


The bright spot of the week was attending a quiz night at the Tav put on by the student exchange club, with my exchange friend Anna from Seattle. I was happy I contributed by knowing which NBA player was named after a steak (Kobe), which U.S. state has only one syllable (Maine), and which Greek god was patron of music (Apollo, and I had to win the argument against another girl who thought it was Dionysus). We all got gift baskets with Cherry Ripe, TimTams, Australian flags, kookaburra stuffed animals (some got kangaroos and koalas), wine from Margaret River and jars of Vegemite. ^_^ Not to mention bragging rights (I swear we didn't cheat with iPhones!!). I met a guy who is planning an enormous road trip around America and wants to come through New Mexico, and some guys who're into footy and might organize a group to go see a game.

Then everything went to shit again.
I officially have gone through that initiation rite of travelers and big-city dwellers the world over.... Gettin' robbed. Too bad the bitch stole my external hard drive (read: more or less every document I've written and picture I've taken since about 9th grade); I would've gladly traded it for the contents of my wallet if I'd have realized she'd snatched it out of my backpack while my back was turned. :'( 
P.S. Gangs of blindingly drunk girls getting in fist fights with each other on the train, right in front of you, are not appreciated.

Oh, and my iPod is irreparable. At least I can use it to replace my hard drive, since I need that movable storage for GIS. You know, once I copy someone else's data, since all my work from this semester was on the hard drive that got stolen.

It would be nice if I could figure out how to stop failing at everything. In the meantime, here is a not-dance-y song I love:

P.S. I'm starting to really utterly loath writing bullshit social science essays. 

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  1. I'm so sorry Sweetie that you got robbed. It feels like such a violation when that happens. Mommy wants to come take the bitch down. Congrats on the pub quiz. Pip, pip, cheerio.