Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Cool Things

Since getting my hard drive stolen sucks total balls, here are two things that make me happy:

First, E being awesome:
E, one of my bestest friend in teh whole world, teaching kids about ROCKETS!
All the kiddies listen to the Pedo-stache.....

Second, I've been playing this song over and over and over and over the last few days.....


  1. Emil... shaping the minds... of children... gulp.

  2. I am happy that the sun shines on Emil now. Is Wesley working with him? Could you send me E-mils E-mail? I would like to check in with him.
    I am so proud of how you have dealt with your recent setbacks. I feel incredible moral strength and growth emanating from you as we observe your adventures from our easy chairs. I love you.