Saturday, February 12, 2011

Less than 24 hours and counting....

With my OCD instincts and Girl Scout training, packing one suitcase and one backpack for a year away from home has felt like a pretty daunting task. Articles and lists like this helped me, though most of the advice is pretty standard or I had already learned from my parents. (Except for that all-important "pack light" tip; mom and dad have always preferred "be prepared" over "pack light". I'm pretty sure they would take more than what's in my suitcase for a weekend vacation... ^^;;)
So, after careful consideration (and many weight tests on the bathroom scale), here is what I am taking with me:

3 pairs of jeans (two comfy and one slightly dressier black)
3 skirts (2 knee-length black and one dressier ankle-length black)
2 shorts (one pair of cut-offs and one pair of boy shorts I stole from my brother)
1 dress pants (black, that are super comfy and double as sleep wear)
1 yoga/sleep pants (comfy enough to sleep in and work-out in)
3 tank tops/camis (not only will it be 90*F plus humidity when I get there, these layer great in cold weather)
5 long sleeve shirts (my 4 favorites, plus my best cashmere turtleneck - I get cold easily)
10 short sleeve shirts (a mix of tee shirts and dressier blouses)
1 halter top dress (I couldn't resist my zebra print :p)
3 jackets (one white sweater jacket, one black fleece jacket, and my leather jacket. Again, I get cold...)
2 pairs shoes (red heels and dark walking shoes/sneakers- I intend to buy flip flops when I get there)
Enough socks and underwear for a over a week, 5 pairs of bras, and two pairs of wool socks, plus a warm hat, gloves, and two belts.

(travel sized) - shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
disposable razor, wet wipes, a little roll of toilet paper, my contact stuff, a quick-dry towel, a cotton hand towel, girly supplies

Laptop, charger, case
iPod, cord, radio connection, earbuds
Camera, charger, case
External hard drive, thumb drive
Calculator (I may be taking physics while in Australia)
Australian cell phone and charger (I bought from a girl who just returned from UWA)
American cell phone and charger (to at least use in the airports)
Travel alarm clock (actually 2, to my minimalist embarrassment, one from my mom and one from my dad)

Other stuff:
A few school supplies (pen, pencil, paperclips, sticky notes, erasers, lead, colored pencils, sharpener)
A tiny sewing kit (including leatherman scissors)
A tool kit (pocket mirror, leatherman, flashlight, handwarmers, a compass)
A first aid kit (ibuprofen, imodium, cipro, moleskin, a thermometer, tape, gauze, bandaids, triple biotic, salt, mint pills)
Gifts (a Balloon Fiesta placemat, balloon pins, a kokopelli journal)
A hollowed out dictionary (to hide small things)
A journal, a calendar (my Farm Boys from Warren Wilson, yay!),
A tea/honey/EmergenC kit
A blanket (beebees are the best...)
A binder for all my important papers

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