Saturday, February 12, 2011


In my hostel now!

The final 8 hour flight from Auckland to Perth was pleasant, even though I started getting very antsy. I was nervous about going through Customs and the reality of what I am doing (ALONE HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!) threatened to set in, but I managed to keep that mostly at bay by talking to the guy next to me. He was was an amatur mixed-martial artist from Auckland going to Perth for the first time to compete in his first international fight. We had fun comparing Kiwi and American culture, including lots of talk about sports (I think I need to find out more about rugby now. Also, there is apparently a women’s sport I’ve never heard of that’s kinda like the passing games we used to play in soccer- where once you have the ball you can’t move.). 
Leaving Auckland for Perth!

As for Customs, apparently pepperspray is a prohibited weapon in Australia. D: Thank god I declared it! They also took away my honey packets and my popcorn comfort food. :/ le sigh.

I had no problems getting to my hostel (I sprung for the $18 direct shuttle ride), but unfortunately they hadn’t charged my parents credit card for the room like we had thought they would, so I had to give them most all my remaining Australian cash to book the room for only 5 nights. But I got lucky room 13, so I figured it wasn’t all bad. This place is a tad more ghetto than I was expecting though. The girls bathroom is upstairs, with only 2 showers and 2 toilets for god knows how many girls. My room window opens onto the patio, which is less than optimal; I crashed from jet lag at 8pm, but got woken up at 10:30 by the partiers enjoying the night air. :/ Internet is going to be the death of me though; It costs $3 for an hour of wireless or $5 for 2 hours (the saving grace being that I can use it from my room). I’m already suffering from withdrawal of instant information. :(

Also, all the door handles are placed level with my CHIN, which is WEIRD. And all the outlets have a switch to turn them on (as I discovered belatedly in the Auckland airport…).

Also also, the weather here is like Los Angeles, except nicer because there’s a good breeze that keeps things cooler. I'm definitely reveling in the warmth. :D 

Lastly, Pro tip # 3: Don’t forget your damn shower shoes. >_<

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  1. Oh noes, not the shower shoes. D: I hope you find some cheap ones to get there. it's really weird that the door handles are to your chin... owo;;

    I find it cool the plugs must be turned on. It must be to save energy. Nifty.