Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Day of Exploring

Finally found a bit of time to add some pictures, so you might want to go back and look through the previous posts to see. ^^; Also, sorry about accidentally rearranging the packing list post, I used the wrong button to add the picture and it put the post out of order...

I just got back from walking around the CBD (= Central Business District = downtown area = where my hostel is located) to find some lunch (first meal since tea on the plane yesterday at 4ish) and a grocery store. The lady at the front desk of the hostel was exceptionally nice and marked on a map for me the location of a few stores and restaurants. The weather is really truly incredible, like coastal California minus the pollution plus a wind that keeps you at the perfect temperature. My handy dandy alarm clock/thermometer tells me it’s currently 28*C (82*F) in my room. The Melbourne-Lady on the plane gave me a great tip: double the Celsius degrees and add 30 to get a rough Fahrenheit estimate. 

I am seriously loving this weather, especially since it took me twice as long as it should have to obtain food, as I walked the wrong way for like 3 blocks. ^^;  Yay for having maps and a compass though! 
Three public art pieces I found on my walk. I like the kangaroo statues best!

Pro tip #4: Shop at Asian Markets! Seriously, they have everything you could possibly need at the most silly prices. Which is even better since fresh food and meats seem to cost a LOT more here. I found my favorite ramen for 44 cents a packet, a carrot the size of my forearm for 33 cents, and even some aloo paratha! :D Sadly, they didn’t seem to have any cheap flip flops in my size (I might need a ruler to find out how long my foot is in centimeters….) but after I finish my lunch I’m going to go walk around again to the other stores on my map. And see the river! It’s only about a block away, squeeee! XD
The carrots are apparently bigger in Australia...

Also, I have a proposal. Dear the world, how's about us Americans switch over the metric (which makes way more sense anyway), but in return could you please switch to driving on the right (AND CORRECT) side of the road? This turning right across traffic business makes no sense and hurts my brain. >_<;;;;;;

Lastly, I am absurdly excited by how gay-fabulous Australian money is. And they have dollar and two dollar coins!! I had to physically restrain myself from squee-ing when I got a $2 coin as change. 
Coins from top to bottom: $1, $2, 50cents, 20cents, 5cents
Love you all!


  1. Yay! Glad to know you're safe & sound. I love foreign money. So cool! And that Carrot is def HUGE!

  2. Technically it's multiply by 9/5ths and add 32.. but whose keeping track? :P

    And seconded on the switching to metric thing.