Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 13: The Low Road

This is the only part of the trail where you had options! We could choose to take the High Road, which leads up, over the ridge, and back down, or the Low Road, which winds through the rocky dry creek beds, and both roads met up again a few hours down the track.

With my joints and feet still not 100%, D and I wanted to take the Low Road, which was supposed to be about an hour shorter. GrownUpFriend wanted to take Rugby up the High Road for perhaps her only shot at a big vista like those we'd seen earlier on the hike. Englishman chose the High Road as well, if only because it would take longer and he was way too fast for the rest of us as it was.

So over the friggin boulders in the creek we went. And you know what? The dang Englishman still managed to beat us to the intersection where the roads met up again. (We had to wait foreeeever though for GrownUpFriend and Rugby, because they took lots of pictures and she was sloooooow.)

An hour less for going the same distance? Sign me up.

The next leg of the hike took us through some relatively lush country. 


Fish Hole, which has fishies!

Fish Hole and M.

The last bit of hiking before getting to camp. Walking through deep sand sucks, but the afternoon was deliciously warm and sleepy.

Jay Creek camp. See if you can spot The Englishman pretending to be a supermodel...

To be continued...

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