Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 12: Miller's Flat

[egad, I'm so behind on posting! There's been plenty of good stories from life post-hike, so I'm going to try to speed things up here so we can get back on track...]

After a luxuriously showering with hot water and sleeping on grass, we woke up the next morning to the arrival of the last of our hiking mates: GrownUpFriend's wife, who we'll call Rugby, because she's a big fan (but only of the "right" kind of rugby, which still mystifies me, so go ask an Aussie instead of me).

Yep, our very classy socks out to dry on our tent.

This log on the fire at the Standley Chasm kiosk unfortunately was full of ants, which we attempted to help escape the flames by giving them a stick bridge.

People who drove to Standley Chasm are warned away from continuing down the trail.

Oh hey, the trail goes straight up the rock face here. Easy peasy?

GUFriend and Rugby scaling the tricky rockface.

And then we camped on hard ground at Miller's Flat and I attempted once more the teach grown men how to handle a campfire (to no avail, because they wouldn't listen to me), and all was well.

To be continued (hopefully much faster than I have been uploading)....

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