Saturday, March 1, 2014


On the off chance that anyone who reads this was going to send me something in the mail, WAIT: ask for my address. Because that's now semi-constantly changing. 

Since I've been back in Perth after the random (slightly other-worldly) trip to the Kimberley, it's been Get Shit DONE time.

A little over a week after I got back, we had to move out of our sharehouse. But not just move out, you know, with all our crap, but deal with all of the crap that "belonged" to the house, because the landlord was kicking us out to renovate and increase the rent. Thusly, I have gotten very good at selling things on the equivalent of Craigslist (and also at dumping broken appliances sneakily on the verge late at night). Last weekend's schedule was killer though:

Friday 7:00am. Wonderful friend arrives with an SUV type car to take away our stupid mattress and other stuff we couldn't fit in our car.
Friday 7:45am. Landlord arrives for final inspection.
Friday 9am. D leaves me at the new place and goes to work at uni. I variously crash-sleep and attempt to empty the car of our boxes in 35*C/95*F heat.
Friday 9pm. D comes back, we cook dinner for our host, everyone attempts to sleep.
Saturday 4am. D and our host wake up and leave to take her to the airport. Did I mention it's a one bedroom place?
Saturday 7:30am. I wake up and leave to go down the street to start our multi-household garage sale with our friends. D is so tired, he sleeps half the day and then eventually joins us at the garage sale because he's not up to critical thinking.
Saturday 8pm. We finally leave the sale, and thank god our neighbor invites us to dinner.
Sunday 8am. Back to the garage sale again. Geeze it's hot out. D goes to uni but joins us in the late afternoon.
Sunday 7pm. Finish the garage sale (made $82!), and cook up a bbq with garage sale group. Stay until I fall asleep on the couch while they play a board game.

Monday. ..... I think I'll watch some anime before I try to sort out this chaos in the living room.

We are now living near uni at a friend's place while she's away at a conference for two weeks. Next week, D's parents are flying in, staying a night with us, and then taking D's car for a road trip down south. But, a few days after they leave with the car, our friend returns from the conference, and we move again to a different friend's place a bit farther away from uni. We'll stay at friend #2's until after D submits.

But this week, I must organize and repack everything once more, and take care of all the other little household requirements.

Yesterday, I needed to check the mail at our old place (as our mail re-direction service hadn't kicked in yet), then buy veggies (at our favorite place which is only open Friday thru Sunday), and then visit the bank to deposit what felt like 5 lbs of coins. Super awesome cycle ride GO.

So: life is a bit hectic, but also pretty exciting right now!

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