Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lessons from Moving

Move #2/?? is a success!

We are now finally ensconced in our friend's spare room, where we can stay until after D finishes his PhD. The room is the smallest we've ever had, which is wonderful. While our friend was looking askance at our stacks of boxes, a bit alarmed that we must be feeling squished with too much stuff, D and I are excited to use this as incentive to really cull some more unnecessary stuff (WHY did we have 3 toothbrushes used by other people I don't even know). It's going to feel perfect as soon as I've emptied boxes of (necessary) stuff into the drawers and cupboards.

This multiple-moving process has been very enlightening overall.

First, it was amazing to realize just how much STUFF we really had, particularly when it felt like nothing compared to certain hording housemates *coughsandparentscough*. This is partly because, amazingly, we use remarkably little on a daily basis; some clothes, some kitchen stuff, my laptop like it's wired into my veins. It feels like the bulk of our stuff is Sometimes Useful, like seasonal wear and tools and paper records and craft supplies.
Which leads to the third conclusion: I have a huge love for Things with sentimental value. HUGE love. Oh, someone I like gave me a pretty piece of wrapping paper? KEEP IT FOREVERS. It's a little ridiculous. Luckily D has a penchant for hanging on to books and "it'll be useful someday" items, so at least I'm not alone on the hording front, but it does mean it's been a long, slow process to decide what was really important (photo albums, check) and what wasn't (17 rocks and seashells?.... unfortunately, not so much). Which means that our three-moves-in-one-month-plus-a-two-day-garage-sale maneuver was a blessing in disguise! (very very well disguised....)

The biggest and first task I had when we realized we were moving was to sell the furniture, most of which D had inherited/bought cheap from the previous leaseholder. Between this stuff and our personal belongings, I banked $699 by selling it all. That's almost SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. And that's with giving the huge bulk of it to our housemate for his new leased place at super-reduced prices.

 Friends, I bet you that last annoying dollar that you too can find some unused stuff around your house to sell to those in accumulation-mode. And I bet you another dollar that you'll feel better for the room and money for food or adventures. :)

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