Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Cuteness

Back in 2011, I was invited to a delicious Bengali dinner with D's good friend H9 and his family. H9 has an adorable daughter, who is generally very shy around strangers, but for some reason she and I hit it off pretty quickly (maybe because I look like a 9 year old myself?). We only saw each other the once, but I sent her a few little presents while I was in America and apparently she was thinking of me as well. (Once, she got in a fight with her mom, and reportedly said she would run away to live with me.) When D came to visit me in New Mexico earlier this year, I sent him back with presents for this girl.

Last week, we finally got to visit them again, and look what I got as a present! :D

I can't believe they still make the exact same bead kits from my childhood.

OMG there's a picture of the two of us and she's the taller one!
Note our matching outfits as we play in a field of flowers. This little girl totally wins. xD

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