Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy (belated) America Day!!

Okay, well technically we celebrated on America Day Eve, because on Thursdays D teaches guitar to two 12 year olds, and their moms feed us in return.

So to celebrate, we ate sausages and deviled eggs with beer while watching the original version (Divine 4eva!) of Hairspray.

This is D's America Day outfit. Grand Canyon tshirt + backwards baseball hat + beer + fat.
On actual America Day, I had to work (booooo), but D woke me up with SPARKLERS IN BED. I only had a little heart attack.

The most memorable bit happened at work though. So, I part of my duty is to hang out on the 6th level of the building, and we have this gantry:

Notice how you can SEE THROUGH THE FLOOR?
So this, ahem, large American tourist couple came up, looked around on the gantry, and then on the way out asked me:

"Has anyone tried to have sex out there? Think of the RUSH."


I could only respond with: "I imagine it'd get a bit drafty."

Oh America.......

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