Sunday, May 12, 2013


After a very, very, very, very, very long journey.

Plane 1: ABQ to Phoenix
I cried, just a little, when the plane's wheels left the ground. Then there was some pretty alarming turbulence, so I was pretty sure we were all going to crash and explode and die. Fun emotional times there.

Plane 2: Phoenix to Los Angeles.
I had to deboard, then promptly reboard the same damn plane in Phoenix. Boooooo.

The Asian/Pacific terminal is super ghetto; exposed wiring in the overhang outside, grungy carpets, and cardboard covering up holes in the ceiling. It took a solid 45 minutes to get through the ticketing line; then another nerve-wracking ten minutes for my ticketing process, during which the lady didn't seem to know how to work the computer and asked me 4 different times "Checking any bags? Just one? Is it this one?" Security took approximately a million years too, in a cramped low-ceiling maze that reminded me of Disney world. Seriously, wtf Los Angeles??

Plane 3: Los Angeles to Tokyo
Whoooo movies all the time! And delicious food. Also free wine. Traveling is fun!

What do you mean, I have to get off the same plane and then get back on two hours later? Buuuuuuullshit. >:| Oh wait, look there's shops with mochi and green tea Kit Kats and sake!!! Happy happy happy. And BEST YET, I got a $2 bill and yen coins as change. <3 I liked Tokyo airport.

Plane 4: Tokyo to Singapore
The guy sitting next to me continued to sit next to me instead of scooting over on the nearly empty plane, so I had to continue to be cramped unnecessarily. Irritating.

Walking off the plane was like walking into a greenhouse: damp, and smelling rather moldy. But then I meandered to the other end of the terminal for my next gate, and passed every fancy kind of shop you could think of. It was 3am local time, and everything was empty. It was rather nice, actually, until very suddenly at 6am, the place filled up with people from all directions. While waiting at my gate, a nice older lady sat down next to me and asked me to fill out a survey about the airport and its facilities on an iPad, and when we finished she gave me a neat mini pen with an iPad stylus at the other end! Singapore was strange and exciting.

Plane 5: Singapore to Perth

Eeeeek I forgot I have a granola bar in my backpack. I'm going to get in trouble! Wait, why am I being put in a different line? Omg, we're getting sniffed by a dog. The dog is so cute! Oh sweet I made it through; apparently this dog doesn't care about granola bars.Whew.

D wore a suit to pick me up. In the car, he had bagels and cream cheese, because it's American food. At home, he had homemade kangaroo and prawn gumbo so we didn't have to cook or go out.

I'm very very very very very very happy. <3<3<3

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  1. Yay for getting there! Boo for taking forever! Have fun, and since I'm nowhere near a beach, go surfing for me!