Saturday, September 17, 2011


Okay, I somewhat fail as a regular-update blogger. Here are a few excuses reasons why I fell behind schedule:

Things K and I did in Perth
  • Visited the AC/DC exhibit at the WA Museum
  • Visited the WA Maritime Museum
  • Om-nom-nom-ed Kalis's yummy gluten-free seafood (so good we went thrice!)
  • Went to Cottlesloe beach on freezing windy days (so.cold.)
  • Checked out the Fremantle Markets and street performers
  • Went to a Unisfa/Unigames/UCC quiz night at the tav -our table came in 5th with absolutely NO BRIBES, which made us pretty damn proud (yay for Star Trek action figure prizes! :D It's like they knew I was coming), and I totally was the second cutest Puri-Puri dancer (but I bet I would've won if I'd been wearing a mini-dress and cat ears too).
  • Watched the whole season of Ouran High School Host Club ^^
  • Walked a lot, explored a lot, and found a lot of yummy restaurants I didn't know about
  • Made friends with the owner of the bottle shop on my street (K's just that cool)

And probably a lot of other things I can't remember right now. This was all DURING uni for me, so things are a little blurry right now. Speaking of uni....

My units this semester
  1. Statistics for Science. Which is (naturally) my least favourite class, but I am getting by so far. Passing an exam will likely be painful.
  2. Microeconomics. The lecturer is a parallel universe version of Max M.; same hair cut, same silly facial hair, same PANTS for god's sake, and he says "bugger" and "bloody" in class all the time, only he likes calculus and is a free-market capitalist. >.> Consequently, I love going to this class.
  3. Science Communication-Displays and Exhibitions. Essentially studying the theories and practices behind designing and producing a successful exhibit, whether for museums, science centres, teaching in schools, etc. I quite like this class.
  4. Science Communication-Science and the Media. Pretty self explanatory. I like this class too.

Things I did after K left
  • Wrote and recorded a podcast on the science of laughter (I'll try and upload it later for ya'll)
  • Led a guided walk/15 minute presentation (I took people through the UWA geo museum, which I love. I'm pretty much bff with the curator at this point)
  • Went to an all-day Dr. Who/RHPS marathon with my new friends from the quiz night (quiz nights are awfully great ways to make new friends). Note: DR.WHO IS THE BESTEST SHOW OMFG
  • Started working at the bell tower again (which is fantastic now that it's not frigid all the time)
  • Checked out a board game cafe called Cafe Myriade; you pay for a drink and to play games for a few hours, and it was excellent! They had a ridiculous number of games available and the owners showed us how to play each one.
  • Saw a "modernized" rendition of the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar (after having read the play)
  • Went down to Lake Clifton a bit south of Mandurah to see the thrombolites (which are like stromatolites, only they form more from the precipitation of carbonates and so have a different internal structure). This was an AWESOME day trip.
  • D is teaching me how to drive manual. I've only kangaroo-ed his car once so far. I am terrified of doing it again.... ^^;;;
  • Saw Red Dog, which was a wonderfully cute WA film.
  • Saw Neil Murray perform (for free!), who was awesome.
  • Borrowed a bike from a friend of D's so I could bike with him along the river and in King's Park. I am so out of shape, but it is a seriously amazing ride and totally worth it.
  • For uni, every week I have to read and comment on two class blogs (more time consuming than it should be), do a statistics lab (oh god why did I take this again, it's filled with freshers), and an econ tute (my tutor is a fantastic lady so I like going to these too, even if I'm not very good at econ so far).
  • This week I had to write a blog post (which I spent too much time on because I loved it), write a case evaluation (which I spent too little time on because I hated it), and study for an econ midterm (which someone says everyone fails-bleh).
The terrifying number of things I have to do in the next few weeks that might further delay proper updates
  • Film and edit a 3-minute movie profiling a grad student. Max knows how this will likely consume my entire life....
  • Write two more blog posts
  • Design a museum exhibition
  • Go north again! Essentially I get to sneak into the backseat with some actual adults who are going all the way to Coral Bay. SNORKALING, HERE I COME. <3
  • Study for a stats midterm :(
  • Go down to Margaret River FINALLY.
  • Write an econ essay.

UGH. Hopefully that catches us all up to date on my ridiculously busy life. So many things. Too little time. The countdown has started and it's making me both frenetic (I haven't done enough!) and lazy (I want to relish every last moment here). I'm very contemplative amidst this crazy energy; the days are long (evidenced by working at uni late at night on a saturday...) but the weeks are short, and I just want EVERYTHING out of this time here.

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