Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shark Bay Squee!! (part 4: All The Rest)

Arg, I’m so behind on updates! Many apologies; I won’t bore you with the usual excuses (blah blah uni work, why are huge projects due on the same day, still playing catch-up with both class and friends, blah blah), so I’ll just try to condense a few things so we can hurry up and get current again.

After the bliss of the stromatolites, K and I checked out some of the other attractions of Shark Bay.

First we went to Denham…..
K getting wet in the Indian Ocean for the first time!
Our pictures can't capture how sparsely beautiful this drive really was.
 …..Then we went to Shell Beach….
IT WAS REALLY WINDY (notice the strap on the backpack flapping around as well....)
Shell Beach = a beach *literally* made out of nothing but shells.
So windy it was blowing around the shells.
No really, the beach is just ALL shells. FOR TEN METERS DOWN. 0_0
But somehow plants still grow in the beach? Nature is incredible.
This is why there are a bazillion shells on the beach.
That evening at our caravan park station stay, we enjoyed a lovely evening with the resident Grey Nomads (in North America, we call them Snowbirds or Golden Agers; essentially, retirees who've chosen to live in an RV going from beautiful national park to beautiful national park). One adorable couple played the guitar and sang us this cute aussie song, whilst an Irish couple discussed Irish heritage with Kevin. One awesome old guy played this beautiful song, only in an Australian accent and on a BANJO. <3<3<3
But alas, it was time to head back down towards Perth. But first a picture!
M loves Shark Bay! <3

We stayed the night in Port Denison, amid still blustery, and even colder weather.
It was so chilly even K the Canadian was grateful for his took.
But a nice, quiet, cider-filled evening was just the way to end our trip.
K: "I think I can hear the ocean in this bottle...."


  1. It's funnier still because you put took not toque :). Haha!

  2. And I could in fact hear the ocean!