Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gone Bush!

Last weekend I went on another stretch of the Bibbulmun Track with Dan for a three-day backpacking trip near Dwellingup. This was doubly exciting, as I hadn't been backpacking since the 9th grade trip (where I distinctly remember feeling like I was going to die when I hefted my pack.... But it was okay because it was where I met Liz-kins ^_^).

The Bibbulmun Track.
Anyways, I managed to not-die on this trip, despite being a snot-monster for all three days (I swear, the more excited I am about a trip, the more likely I am to come down with a cold. T_T). I didn't take too many pictures (too busy walking!), but the kookaburras laughed something like this while we were eating breakfast and we saw black cockatoos at lunch.
Yes, that is the burned out original trunk of the tree up there. Australian trees are scary >_<
My bright pink/orange sweater worked remarkably well to cushion the weight of my pack on the poor bony hips.
Where's M amongst the balgas? (btw, Aussies say "Wally" instead of Waldo. >.> Weird.)
Big jarrah tree!

In more or less the middle of nowhere on a logging road we came upon an arboretum of big tall trees (presumably for which might be the best timber forests in the future).

Big Sydney Blue Gum

But BY FAR our favorite tree was this:
Which was mysteriously not actually in front of the correct tree...
Due to my cold, Dan took to calling me Snottygobble for the rest of the trip. ^^; I retaliated by calling him Chazwazza. :D

I could get used to this.


  1. Yay for pretty pictures :D

    Hey love, did y'all say the pictures of Wes and Emil teaching kids were somewhere in the blog? I guess I must've missed them...

  2. The pictures on my blog of Emil teaching are here:

    BUT you can see both of them being awesome in video format here!!
    [7/12/2011 10:45:10 AM] bohemianhoney:

  3. "Snottygobble?" Love the Aussie nomenclature.