Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Footy is AWESOME

Two Sundays ago (just before finals, hence the delay) I went with Ben to a footy match! Footy, otherwise known as Australian Rules Football, is possibly the BEST. SPORT. EVER.

Picture this: 50-odd superbly muscle-y young men in teeny tiny shorts tackling and dog-piling one another with a ball that bounces in random directions and a totally drunk crowd? It's barely contained chaos and I LOVE IT. XD I told Ben that there are only two things that could possibly make it better: one, front row seats, and two, if all the players were greased. ;P

Here is the game we saw (it's a little technical, but obviously good footage). Ben is from Fremantle, so of course we were Dockers fans. ^_^ Their colors are purple! We sat right behind one of the goals so got to see nearly everything that happened. And the Dockers won which made it that much more awesome. Here is the team singing their club song after the game.

Brain is still a little mushy, so I'll just end with a few more fabulous songs:

I listened to this song on repeat whilst studying for exams.

Here's another Adele song because I am completely in love with her.

I can't decide whether this is horrible or hilarious, but I can't stop watching it....I think the Hanson cameo makes it for me though (dammit, they are just as beautiful as I thought they were when I was nine years old ^^;;).

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