Monday, April 4, 2011

I Miss Microwave Popcorn Too

I seem to have a major problem: I can’t stop talking about green chili. 

Not even kidding, I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to describe how the flavor is completely different from all the other “spicy” flavors commonly found here (I use the term lightly). But so far all I can do is describe what green chili isn’t; it’s not wasabi, it’s not sweet chilli sauce, it’s not Thai spicy (you know, not deadly as such), it’s not silly Tabasco. I started listing all the things we put green chili in: burritos, huevos rancheros, enchiladas, stew, pizza, burgers (the mention of green chili cheese burgers at McDonalds got a funny reaction), bagels, and fries. I tried to explain the differences between red and green. I even mentioned how even though our brilliant friends go to fancy schools out of state, Adam and I are even with them because we can walk to Frontier anytime we want.  :D If someone gets me going on the topic, it’s like I’m some horrible Bond villain on a monologue. 

Ugh, there is a restaurant here in Perth that calls itself Santa Fe but doesn’t have any actual New Mexican food on the menu. >:| And the El Paso (fake) Mexican food brand is big here, which is further irritating. Rwar. It is utterly depressing that 505 doesn’t ship internationally. D:

However, despite my growing chili-withdrawal pangs, this week was pretty good. ^_^ Last Monday night I got to see “Black Swan” in theaters, which was AWESOME. Honestly on the edge of my seat with my hands over my mouth to keep from squealing, it was that good.

 On Friday I met up with a guy who is going to UNM on exchange in the fall, to talk about New Mexico and UNM and study abroad in general. I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak freely about home; I miss everything so much it hurts, but I can’t talk about it because I’m here to learn about Perth and Australia, and that would come off as a little weird (hence, the problem of chili-monologues). Rich is now excited about green chili too, but also about buying a gun at Wal-Mart for some reason.....

Saturday was the big geomorph field trip, in which we drove an hour+ to a sheep farm in the hills to dig holes. Good thing we had some gung-ho boys in our group to do the actual digging, and then they politely sat back while the rest of us did all the sampling and observations. Our little group leader was American, and during lunch mentioned something about gorp being better than silly trail mix, which made all the Aussies look confused while I laughed and agreed. 

I also read another Australian novel called Tomorrow, When The War Began, which is about Australia being invaded by Malaysia. While the concept of Malaysia invading apparently did some damage to international relations when this book came out, I liked the book for its look into Aussie slang and general values. 

On Sunday I managed to force myself out of the house and head off to the beach! :D I spent a lovely hour on the train, and then a lovely few hours lounging on the beach. I found some big rocks under the waves with fossils in them! :D And some more pretty rocks and shells for my windowsill. Afterwards I met up with Leonard again and saw the movie “Just Go With It”, which is easily summed up as an Adam Sandler rom-com. ^^;

Today, not such a good day. Apparently I’m a huge enormous idiot when it comes to banking and I’m afraid I’m pissing off my landlord. D: Also, I have a sunburn on that one little spot on my back I can’t reach well, and it’s not playing nice with the muscle aches. When does a massage cross the line from being a luxury and becomes a necessity? T_T Time to slink home and eat a lot of Thai ramen and weet-bix comfort food and watch some more Firefly....

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