Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apparently I Like To Take Pictures of Birds and Trees

Happy M-had-to-write-two-papers-this-week-so-you-get-random-pictures-of-Perth Day! :D

View from main entrace to Reid Library.
The trees on the leftish hide the Tropical Grove, one of my favorite places.
Looking up from inside the Tropical Grove. ^_^
(Wes, Emil, look palm fronds! Clearly you need to come do battle.)
Ducks in front of Reid Library. D'aww!
The ducks are totally fearless. This one came and ate out of my hand later.
View of the CBD and Kings Park from the top of the Chem building. ^_^
Fountain behind the geo building. That huge ball is constantly rotating due to water flowing out from beneath it.

Sunset over the Indian Ocean from Fremantle.


  1. YES! I'm finally caught up.

  2. Thank you, sweetie. I love the pictures. It is the final day of the Masters and it looks like there is a good chance that an Aussie will win.