Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Birds

Ugh, I had forgotten what a commute is like. It takes me an 1-1.5 hours to get to and from school. It's mostly the waiting that eats up all my time, as I have to take a train and a bus (or two buses); on the bright side, this affords me some serious reading time, which so far has mostly been taken up with sci fi novels sneakily lifted from UniSFA shelves.... But soon it'll be all textbooks like a good student, I swear. ^_^;;

I stayed late Tuesday to attend UniGames fresher welcome (whoo pizza whoo!), where, as I might have guessed, I was greatly outnumbered by goofy boys. I started off with playing the oots boardgame, which unfortunately has tediously complicated mechanics; the group fairly quickly dropped said game to go do other things. I then learned how to play Munchkin, which was much more fun. I ALMOST won too! They ran out of cards to up my last monster and had to resort to backstabbing me to keep me from winning; they regretted this promptly, as the next guy won and proceeded to be a (amusingly) pompous ass about it. ^_^ Then pizza (a whole one for me! It has fed me for the past 3 days...) and excellent conversation, yay!

My favorite rose quartz necklace broke yesterday though. :( The string snapped when I was taking it out of my pocket to put it on while I was walking down the steep driveway on my way to school. The beads went EVERYWHERE, so I don't even have the option of putting it back together. D: I was pretty sad, because now my jingle bell necklace doesn't jingle right....

However, the Kookaburra cheered me up a bit! ^_^
First he was all the way over on a bench, and I this is as close as I could get with the zoom on my camera.
Then, when I came over and sat on the bench next to his, he didn't fly away!

(There may or may not be like 30 more pictures of this event.)

AND I managed to finally get a picture of the ravens!
Something about those eyes just screams "Insane Murderer" to me....
Finally, a picture of the Central Business District and Kings Park from the yacht club south of UWA:
I'll go back to get a picture when the buildings are all lit up. One of them cycles through rainbow colors!
That's all from me for now, hugs!


  1. Munchkin is so fun. I played Call of Cuthulu Munchkin and had a blast (from the triple barreled shotgun of course). Baby Cuthulu ended up killing me but that happens.

  2. AWWWHHH! The kookaburra is so cute! SQUEE!!!

  3. I'm actually technically in the middle of lab right now (shh, don't tell!) but I had to spend a few minutes admiring the Kookaburra and being moderately jealous. Aaand now I'm going to have "Kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree..." stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Any comments by my professors on my sanity, I'm blaming on you.

  4. lol! totally agree w kate and the song! kukaburra is awesome!

  5. Aww, but I like crows (I think those are crows-ravens have really thick beaks). They're super smart! Check it...