Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Because apparently this is "Short and Sweet" post week :D

 My theme song for this year??

(You get this video because the official one has an AWFUL lot of gratuitous fanservice. Also, the lead singer has stupid hair, so trust me, this fact that you can't see anything is a bonus on this video....)

^_^ I think it was Max who kidnapped my iPod to give me this song, so thanks Max!. Speaking of, I just barely managed to delete enough duplicated material from my iTunes to successfully sync my iPod again; yay I have my playlists back! I was starting to get a little antsy without all the mixes I've worked so hard on over the years....


P.S. School is still going okay, though it's probably going to start punching me in the face soon-ish. Most of my profs talk way too fast, like it's a race to see if they can leave early. I finally went to the doctor today and got antibiotics for this cough. :( I missed choir last night because I could barely talk without hacking like smoker, much less sing. I've started sending out emails to see if there are any geo profs who will let me do all the menial labor if only they take me on a field trip somewhere cool. The UniGames welcome is tonight, whoo games and pizza. :D I've got my fabulous stolen orange dice (like a good rogue ;p), just in case. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll finally feel up to going to the beach this Saturday; it's just a straight shot on the train, so it'll be much easier from Maylands than from Dianella.


  1. short and sweet - just like you :-P

    keep the posts coming, love it!!

  2. Hi Sweetie, This blog is so wonderful for us. We get to keep up with what you're doing and feel totally connected without feeling like we are eating into the time you have available for these amazing adventures. I especially love the pictures of you. Please keep handing your camera off to other people. And oh my goodness, the pictures of the wildlife (was that an old gum tree?) and the scenery really makes me feel like I'm there. I am so happy that you are able to learn to sail. I always loved sailing. It is such an awe inspiring way to get your own little slice of the immense power of Mama Nature. Ditto and even more directly with surfing. How cool is it to live that vicariously through you. I remember the deep thrill of catching a wave body surfing or boogie boarding and always wished that I could have gotten the opportunity to do real surfing but it is even better for me that you have gotten that opportunity. Of course now I am worried about some damn Australian creature throwing a jellyfish in your eye. How awful to feel like you represent America when people are reading such awful comments on the inter-webby thing. I sure hope their interpretation of karma for nations is flawed. If Japan's punishment for Pearl Harbor doesn't end with being blown up by atom bombs but requires in addition endless punishment from God then I wonder what it will take for America to pay for our sins. How big would that wave have to be? But how about that song? I'm ready to get that tattoo on my forehead. "Don't you ever interrupt me when I'm reading a book." I lov how he gets all gangster when he says, "I never even pay for my libraary books." I love you Sweetie, please go and type your complete and full mailing address on skippy so I can mail you a little package. luv luv luv, Daddy

  3. long and pedantic, just like me!