Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 6: 10kms, Counts Point (AH AH AH), being abandoned, crazy moon

The next day I woke up stiff, but in a much better frame of mind. D, just in case I haven't mentioned it a million times already, is wonderful, and so is Tiger Balm; my ankles felt much better after D worked the balm into my skin. I thank my lucky stars for both. 
We began the day by walking back up the stupid mountain. The view, however, was once again excellent. 

Welcome to New Mex- Dammit, I mean Central Australia.
The Colonel's catchphrase was "WOOOOOOOOW." Looking back the way we had come.

Looking to where we're headed.

Mt Sonder and the eerie valley.
Unfortunately, this was the day the Colonel and the SuperAussie had planned to leave the trail (some nonsense about "work" and "families" and "showers"). Lucky for D and I, the Colonel and SuperAussie were extremely generous with their gear, and gave/loaned us a few bits and pieces we appreciated for the rest of the trip: another fleece for D (who thought he'd be more impervious to the cold), a spork (since we broke all of our plastic spoons), a stove shield (which proved invaluable in the windy), and gloves (I thought I'd be more impervious to the cold). My absolute favorite piece was a sheet of foam from the Colonel, dubbed the Colonelmajig, which allowed me to sit in absolute comfort on even the pointiest of rocks and goatheads. INVALUABLE.

The Colonel and SuperAussie catching their ride.

The end-to-end group: me, Englishman, GrownUpFriend, and D (taking the photo).
For the four of us, the group suddenly felt a lot smaller. We stayed the night nearby this pick up point, and thank goodness, because my feet were killing me.

Home sweet home.

Popping my first blister.
Serpentine Gorge, where D and GrownUpFriend washed clothes again by the immersion method.
The full moon was SO BRIGHT it was casting shadows on itself. Or whatever you call this.
More to come...

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  1. Yeoch!ankles, knees and blisters look so painful!but I must agree with the NM references, reminds me of home!