Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 4: 11km, best.view.ever.

Waking up at Ormiston Gorge, we discovered a few exciting things. 
First, the soap I'd left out on a table to dry overnight was gone. Second, the Englishman had also lost the hose to his water bladder, and one of his meals. We thought back to the eerie howling we'd heard in the night as we went to sleep.... and realized that we'd been robbed by dingoes! Really, they came within 2m of our tent, and actually probably bumped into the Englishman whilst they pulled his food out of his pack. The Englishman was pretty pissed off, and held his grudge for the rest of the trip, but I was excited, although also a little worried that the dingoes might get sick if they really ate the soap.

A dingo howling sounds like a coyote with a head cold. Picture Tom Waits trying to howl, and you'll get pretty close. 

By this stage of the trip, we were almost good at getting packed quickly in the morning, which was important because the mornings were freezing, and the afternoons were warm.

Playing shadow-puppets.
Mt Sonder watching over us. New Mex- I mean, Australia is pretty.

Walking the Larapinta is a lot of walking up, and then walking down again. Frigging hills. On this day, we slowly hauled ourselves up to a ridgetop, and it took us a long time, partly because we were all weighed down from our food drop. GrownUpFriend and the Colonel in particular had a bit too much.

 However, once we made it up to the Mt Giles lookout ridge, it was SO WORTH IT. 

Mt Giles to the north of us, which is basically the beginning of the Chewings Range, as seen from the Heavitree Range.

Us in front of Mt Giles.

D, posing for a hiking magazine cover.

SuperAussie, contemplating the cliff below him.

The "caterpiller" mountains to the south of us.

Lunch. (Can you see Mt Sondy?)
Our kitchen area.
I am part cat, and occassionally require naps in the sun.
The sunset was absolutely stunning. As the sun began to sink behind Mt Sonder in the distance, the landscape around us began to glow.

GrownUpFriend pondering the glow.
The land aglow.

Mt Sonder resplendent.

Hiking: good for the soul.

More to come....


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