Friday, December 13, 2013

A Tidbit

It's been waaaaaaaay too long without a post around here! Largely that's because this blog got very picture heavy, and I just haven't had so many Kodak moments lately. But, as is often the case, it's more because we've just been very busy. Since October, we've:

- done a month-long lab experiment for D's thesis (I feel justified in using "we" here, since D's extra long days in the lab EVERY day meant I took on ALL the washing/cooking/grocery shopping)
- visited Sydney again (for D's Nana's 90th)
- experienced the squalor of a buck's/bachelor's party at work, where the sexism reached "call the cops" level (literally, we had to call the cops to kick the bastards out)
- finished working at the bell tower :(
- spent waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many hours working on this year's CD project, which is more elaborate than ever before
- sunk even more time into two other secret Christmas projects
- got hooked on British television
- got D completely hooked on Avatar: The Last Airbender (we're nearly to the finale!)

So it's been a little hectic. And we keep making time for the friends and beautiful people here in Perth. D and I ran out of time to plan a birthday party for him in November, so Carsten and some of the wonderful Frisbee Germans threw him a surprise bbq! They got him a guitar book of songs from movies, so we could all sing along whilst D and Carsten played. It was magical, sitting by the river at night, the lights of the city across the water, a whole group singing to guitar music. We totally ROCKED Stayin' Alive!

But since this blog looooooves pictures, here's one from last week at our favorite bbq park by the river:
Clockwise from Top: Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, America. <3

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