Monday, October 21, 2013

The Big Wedding - Ceremony and Pre-party

My previous-housemate S's wedding, of course. This event has been a big red box on our calendar for months and months, and a constant conversation with S about how much stupid flowers cost and which font size is nicer (hint: it's always the opposite of what we think).

In the end though, all those dramas seemed worth it, because it was a gorgeous wedding, and everything went quite smoothly.

S and her dad.
They created a funny ceremony, with the celebrant cracking jokes. The vows S and D wrote were HILARIOUS too.
Our beautiful friends Y and A.
The lovely girl on my left is Sh, one of Sandy's best friends and bridesmaids from Hong Kong.

But of course, D and our housemate Y and I wanted to do something special for S to celebrate her marriage. So, naturally, we defaced some public property!

D and Y carrying the sign through the river. The entire time, Y was squealing because the water was cold!

Thank goodness Y wanted to help do this, because otherwise I would've had to be in the water, and then we wouldn't have had all these pictures. ;P

Y fell in the water and got soaked! But they had fun anyway.




Hopefully more pictures from the reception to come, after I steal them from the other guests with fancy cameras.

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