Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sydney Trip, July Version

Another jaunt to Sydney! This time for D's dad's birthday. But we managed to sneak in some fun side-adventures this time.

First, a city trip took us through the Queen Victoria Building, which is a magnificent structure.

So pretty <3

Which had a neat little time-capsule that I'm positive has to do with Doctor Who:

I'm hazarding a guess that the letter says "Duck."

Our eventual destination was the Oldest Pub in Australia, but alas, I didn't take any pictures in there, as we set about getting nicely inebriated on tapas, sweet wine, and jazz performed by an old guy in army-issue green, a lovely butch transgendered girl, and an 80+ year old lady in purple and lime-green pants. I have no more words to describe how awesome this was.

On the way home:

Oh wow am I really that short???

And also we also went on a nice hike, where I got quizzed on my geology knowledge.

Blue Mountains walk.

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  1. Dr. Who! Ha. That's awesome. And great pictures!