Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Is What Happens After Staring At Computers For Too Long

Lalalalala, my group spent about 20 hours working just on GIS (at least 35-40 total hours). It was painful. I got through writing the rough draft of the report (10 pages single-space) by listening to THIS SUPERAWESOME song (yes, I know I linked it last time, but I don’t think I made it clear enough how much these guys kick ass and it’s what started me listening to them non-stop…. Again)  as well as their youtube playlist. When I wasn’t listening to fabulous Swedish men on repeat, I was listening to ZOMG JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT COVERS LADY GAGA *swoon*. Grandma, you will like this video, as Joseph markedly resembles a certain boy you liked the looks of! XD

After a certain point a few hours before the report was due, Kai began to be ocd about making our maps and images look perfect, adjusting things and tweaking things and prettifying in a way that made Anna and I feel like committing seppuku (WE JUST WANTED IT TO BE OVERRRRRRRRR). So instead of sobbing inconsolably, we started googling hot men, googlemapping our houses back home, and internet stalking our cute soils professor via his blog (well, Kai and Anna make fun of me, but he's adorable! He looks AND sounds just like Giles from BTVS…. And he has an earring. Really, how am I supposed to resist that?). We also talked about our silly travel blogs, so here is Anna’s! It’s awesome: she has been a lot more places than I have so far, so you'll be able to learn more about Australia from her blog than from mine (I promise I'll get out and about, I've just been lazy since I'll be here a year...). Plus she has Gumby! What an excellent idea, I should’ve brought a Gigi or Teto with me for pictures.

After we FINALLY turned in the damn GIS report on Friday, I got to break out my favorite smexy cocktail dress for the first time in a loooooong time, as Harshil and I went to a Boat Party put on by the international student club. That’s right: we were on a boat (too bad my pashmina afghan is just orange). Essentially, the point is to dress up and go out on the river in big circles while getting really drunk and dancing to terrible music. Harshil and I only got a bit tipsy, as we kept dancing off the alcohol (Harshil is the president of the salsa club at his home uni, so we were definitely the best dancers there, despite the lack of good music ;p).  

On Saturday, I went to a party with Ben and some of his journalism classmates from Curtin, the other big uni in Perth. Curtin is the “technical” school for journalism and engineers, and it has a less “prestigious” reputation than UWA, and the accompanying chip on their shoulder. So when I said I was studying at UWA, everyone was like “….. Ooh.” *awkward judgment* So I hastily assured them that I didn’t know about UWA’s rep before I came here, and does it count for anything that my home uni in NM is really pretty shitty? And they were like “Yeah, that does help actually.” And then we started drinking and became friends. ^^;

Monday I buried my nose in notes for a few hours, then went and wrote my final in-class essay for my Australian culture class. Six single-space, handwritten pages in 80 minutes! Everything from the elbow down felt like it was broken. >_<;; But now I’m DONE with that damn class, so it's all good.

It's been pretty rainy here the last few days, which was okay since I had to stay inside and study/write a lot. Thanks to Joe's most recent blog post, I've been listening to the Donnis Trio on repeat, as they are a group Joe introduced me to when we first met and he always reminds me of their songs. I think perhaps the Donnis Trio as well as reminders about high school and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance have me thinking important thoughts, so hopefully those will be congealing into something for you to read soon.
I have plans to go down south for the weekend to Denmark. I'm way excited! I promise to take lots of pictures to make up for my recent lack. But it does mean I might not post again this week... So until next time, all my dear readers. ^^


  1. FUCK YES! I love Movits! Definitely the coolest band you introduced me to. Perhaps the second coolest band anyone's ever introduced me to....

    I think I've read the 1st half of Zen/ Motorcycle Maintenance 3 or 4 times now. Every time I get to the middle, I hit my Mental Masturbation Wall, and put it down for about a year. By the time I try again, I've forgotten it and have to start over. Seriously- I was on my second try when my brother got married, and he has a kid now.

  2. JOE, you need to get over this Mental Masturbation Wall, because finishing ZAMM is an amazing Philosophic Orgasm of Enlightenment. Trust me motorcycle/philosophy/blues/anti-traditional-education-guy, you *NEED* to read this book.