Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yay Interwebs yay!

Sorry there haven't been quite as many posts (I found out that alarmed a few of my fabulous readers last week) but that internet at the hostel really was just medieval (at least it made me want to bash a few things with my mace). Wretchedly expensive and achingly slow don't exactly make for a post-tastic combination. But more webs now! I am positively basking in the cable connection my landlord let me have. <3

But besides that, I've been boring since the weekend, trying to recover from this annoying cough. I literally read about a book a day, borrowing from the hostel "books people have left here" self. I dragged myself out of bed despite my better judgment on Monday to attend activities on campus, only to discover I had missed them. Apparently, I was supposed to arrive two hours earlier, except I didn't figure this out until I went back and found the fine print on a calendar on the website. I had spent an hour on public transportation holding in racking coughs for nothing. >:|

The day was salvaged, however, by the access to internet on campus that let me bother Emil and Max over gmail until even those nightowls had to go to bed. Thanks Emil and Max! (even though I found out neither of them reads this blog.... Daunted by the paragraphs of text! pfft....I think you should feel free to make fun of them in the comments ;P)

Seriously, this cough is getting more annoying by the minute. My throat doesn't hurt at least, but I sound like a 80 year old smoker. You know how my cat, Queen, purrs? Occasionally, that's what I sound like when I breath (only much quieter, of course). For those who haven't met the furry feline love of my life, Queen has been accused of being an alien-vampire, as her purrs sound like a noisy coffee maker percolating. And now that's what I sound like too. T_T

However, at least I'm not as bad as the ravens in Perth.
The ravens, which seem to be everywhere, but especially in the CBD and on campus, are definitely terrifying enough to give even  Edgar Allen Poe the willies. The noises they make -they're not really fit to be called caws or anything else normal birds do- are loud, dreadful, and frequent. I've spent a lot of time trying to think of a way to describe them, and the best I can do is this: if you take a sheep (you know, "baaaa"), cross it with Donald Duck (that quacky voice), mix in a bit of crying baby (that plaintive note that biologically makes your insides crawl), and then make the calls all a-rhythmic in the most annoying fashion possible. For some reason, it sounds so emotional to me, as weird as that is; it's like listening to someone scream and cry and the panicky bewilderment of not knowing where they are or how to help them. Forget owls being the bearer of souls, it's definitely these creepy ravens. Remember that episode of the Simpsons where they parody Harry Potter, and Bart transmorgifies a frog into an inside-out writhing mass of pain that begs to die? Yeah, as morbid as that is, that's what I keep thinking of when I hear this god-awful birds. >_<;;;;

On a much better note, I am all moved into the room in Dianella! It smells like mothballs. >.> But the landlord is very nice, and there is a water filter I can use! I don't think the chlorinated tap-water at the hostel helped my cough any. I might be able to move into Maylands by this time or the weekend next week, which would be nice; I don't really like feeling like a stranger in the place where I'm staying.

On a much sadder note: New Zealand gets hit by a terrible earthquake. :( I actually asked the Kiwi I met on the plane if they were waiting for the "Big One" like they are in California.... And it kind of looks like it just hit.

One last thing: I might perhaps possibly be able to get a job working at the Perth Bell Tower! I forced my sorry butt out of bed on Wednesday to go and see it before I moved, and I had a wonderful extended conversation with the receptionist who was originally from New York. So fingers crossed, I have to go write a resume for the first time in my life.... T_T How pathetic is that? All the jobs I've had so far have been with people who already know me....Yeesh.

Hugs to all!

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  1. I'm a fan of the dense paragraphs...and ravens. Psychopomps of the underworld unite.

    Thanks for the updates!